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The term "בראשית" (B'reishit) is used Jeremiah 26:1, Jeremiah 27:1, Jeremiah 28:1 and Jeremiah 49:34. If we are to be grammatically consistent, we would need to translate these as "In the initial period of the rain of Jehoiakim" Since this seems to be more awkward than "In the beginning", "In the beginning" is probably the best translation unless there is ...


We can divide this verse into (i) a faith statement and (ii) a historical statement. Reading the verse in this interlinear with morphology, we see the verb προσφέρω first being used in the perfect tense, in the faith statement, then later on in the imperfect tense in the historical statement. This Greek verb tense usage; hence, verb aspect usage, seems to ...


It is possible it is simply stylistic. The writer choose to vary the tense not to convey a nuance of meaning but simply for the elegance of the writing

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