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Ezekiel identifies the current time as the fifth year of King Jehoiachin's exile (the next verse, Ezekiel 1.2). Ezekiel proceeds to give dates according to this exile. (Notice Ezekiel's prophecies are not all arranged in chronological order.) the sixth year (8.1) the seventh year (20.1) the ninth year (24.1) the tenth year (29.1) the eleventh year (26.1; ...


Rashi points out an interesting fact about the threefold division (bold mine): Le zent in O. F., the 100 (zuz weight). Menahem, however, connected it to the word מִנְיָן, a number (p. 118). We have here 240 “zuz,” [four zuz to a shekel]. From here we derive that the “maneh” of the Sanctuary was double, and they added a sixth to it in Ezekiel’s time, ...

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