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I feel like the writer is referring to a body of water literally under the earth as in space, I don't know why but I feel confident that this is what he means.


The ancient Egyptian equivalent of the Hebrew תּוֹעֵבָה (tôʿēbâ) is bawut: Although bwt is sometimes still translated ‘abomination’, the consensus of contemporary Egyptologists suggests a meaning more at ‘taboo’. Specified foods (e.g. pork, fish, honey), behaviors (e.g. sexual activity, walking ‘upside-down’) and people (e.g. menstruating women, ...


These appear to be Jewish assumptions, rather than historical details about Egyptian culture. The Targum Onkelos says in explanation of Genesis 43:32: Ch 41-44: And Joseph made haste, for his compassions were moved upon his brother, and he sought to weep, and he went into the chamber [JERUSALEM. Into the chamber] the house of sleep, and wept there. And ...

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