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'They' are the kings of the earth mentioned in Revelation 17:2. These Kings of the earth committed fornication with the great whore and in so doing make the inhabitants of the earth drunk with the wine (false doctrine/teaching) of her fornication. This whore has upon her forehead the name written "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ...


My research proves to me there is NO person except Jesus in the whole Bible that has eyes like a flame of fire or a voice like the roar of many waters/multitude. And there is none but Jesus where His presences makes people fall to the ground. DANIEL 10 must be Jesus.


Man was created from the Earth, therefore Man is Dust/Clay. I have always pondered the question of 'They', and posited that the 'They' may very well be the seed of Satan, that has survived and mingled with Men. we are told that we struggle not with 'Flesh and Blood' but rather with Powers, Principalities and Thrones. When flesh/clay (the daughters of men) ...

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