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The resolution seems to be that the events described in 15:63 and 17:12 occurred chronologically after Joshua's speech in chapter 23. The evidence is in Judges. Judges 1 begins with the death of Joshua in verse 1: After the death of Joshua the Israelites consulted the LORD, asking, “Who shall be first among us to attack the Canaanites and to do battle ...


You should interpret it to mean that the Great Commission was not yet complete as of the statement in Acts 11. (Remember, in Acts 1 Jesus clarified that there would be a progression to how the Commission would be fulfilled. It was to begin with in Jerusalem, then be extended out from there, eventually to the whole world.) This does not suggest Jesus' ...


The second chapter of the book of Esther introduces one of the main characters - Mordecai - and explains who he is and his history among the nobility of Persia. At the outset of the description of who he is, the Bible tells us that he is a Benjamite, and conveniently slips in the detail that he is from the line of Kish. The very next chapter, chapter 3, ...


Whether Haman was a descendant of King Agag whom Saul was suppose to kill or not we really don't know but in 1 Chronicles 4:43 (around 300 yrs after Samuel had killed Agag) it says that 'they defeated the rest of the Amelekites who had escaped'. So it could have been possible that Haman was a descendant of King Agag but no real way to prove it.

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