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It is said in 2 Kings 16:20 this 20 Ahaz rested with his ancestors and was buried with them in the City of David. And Hezekiah his son succeeded him as king. (Emphasis Mine) Things were much different at that time, so it is very probable that yes, Ahaz had a son at the age of just 11.


The answer is no, because there is no real evidence that King David wrote any of the psalms attributed to him. James Luther Mays says in Psalms, page 9, that the personal identities of the authors of the Psalms are unknown. He says the quest for the origin of individual psalms leads to occasions in Israel's public exercise of religion, not to their authors. ...


OP: "The Bible is filled with detailed chronological information" I think this may be where you may be getting off track. The Bible is not filled with detailed chronological information, but instead detailed genealogical information. This distinction is important, because The Bible is not a newspaper which is concerned with journalistic accuracy and ...


The chronology of Acts only provides occasional points of reference for determining his timeline, and it's probable some of his narration is out of chronological order. Your question is specifically asking about the amount of time that has passed between Acts 2 and Acts 12. Acts 2 The events of Acts 1-2 are presented as taking place in the few months ...

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