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It was early in the third day of the week. In other words, Monday evening. Bear in mind that Jewish days began at twilight - not midnight as we understand it. So, the Sabbath always began twilight (6pm?) Friday to 6pm Saturday. So ... 1st day = Sat/Sun 2nd day = Sun/Mon 3rd day = Mon/Tue No, it was not the 3rd day of his ministry. It was the 5th day ...


To summarise: On the one hand we have the evidence of Stephen's speech and the vuv consecutive (or consecutive preterite) וַיֹּאמֶר of Genesis 12:1. On the other hand, we have the arithmetic demonstrating that Abram left Haran before his father died. If one wishes to reconcile these, it is really very simple. The vuv consecutive is in some versions ...

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