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If these sons of the Most High are Israelites, then why do they seem to be judging nations in Psalm 82? The Bible does refer to angels as Elohim and sons of God elsewhere (Psalm 8 and Hebrews 2, John 1, 2, 38:7). Unlike the Israelite Judges/Rulers, these sons were assigned nations (Deuteronomy 32:8 in Dead Sea Scrolls and Septuagint). Also, Psalm 89 mentions ...


We must assume the salvation of the entire households in both cases cited. In the case of Lydia, it is not certain her household included children, or if children they were infants. The phrase household may have included servants. Regarding the conversion of Phillipian jailer: Given the facts that 1. The Philippian jailer inquired into how to be ...

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