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Some passages in the Bible are difficult to understand, and have been taken many ways. This is one of them. No matter how we interpret this passage, we must make sure not to be dogmatic about the resulting theology. If we conclude that this passages is likely talking about aliens, we must be careful not to conclude, "therefore the Bible teaches that ...


An explanation shared by many prominent theologians and monks of the Eastern Orthodox Church persuasion is that the "other sheep" correspond to those Jews that will recognize Jesus as the Son of God before the second coming. According to this explanation they, too, will be gathered in the "one flock".


Please refer to this answer to find out where does these nephilim come from, who were their fathers... Such a conclusion makes sense when we recognize that "the son of the true God" mentioned at Genesis 6:2, 4 were angels who materialized bodies and committed immorality with women. Those women give birth to many different anomalies, which were then called ...

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