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The Idea in Brief The area in question appears to be in the frontal abdominal area directly below the sternum--i.e., the so-called "gut." Discussion The Babylonian Talmud indicates that the "fifth rib" was the junction point of the gall bladder and liver. b. Sanhedrin 6:4n (Folio 49A) F. He said to him, “Now if at exactly the fifth rib he had ...


As part of my secular job (I'm a Respiratory Therapist), I do EKG's (aka ECG's and cardiograms) on people. EKG leads V1-V6 are ventricular - the 2 larger pumping chambers of the bottom portion of the heart - leads. Lead V5 is placed in the left 5th intercostal space between the 5th & 6th (below the 5th and above the sixth) ribs, and would be most ...

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