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The 'any' in this verse (2 Peter 3:9) surely is related to the 'all' in the same verse (the same 'all' that Jesus speaks of as the ultimate aim of the Cross (John 12:32) and the reason for the preaching of the Cross. It is God's great love for sinners (he died for 'all' sinners) which speaks to us from Calvary and which, in turn, is the cause of his great ...


View No. 1 The nature of God is spiritual. As it is written, "God is spirit"( John 4:24). This spiritual nature of God is one and indivisible and is the same nature of the Son and the Holy Spirit ( Exodus 3:14 --> Matthew 28:19) but it is reproducible [ as an image, as a copy] by will in a creature through his Holy Spirit ( 2 Peter 1:4, Ephesians 4:21, 2 ...

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