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Proverb 5:15 commands; Drink water from your own CISTERN and WELL; which are both in singular not plural case. Would this be an indication maybe one is enough ???


Cases for a 'kingly' identification There are 24 kings linked using a single phrase, and 24 'elders'. Therefore there may be a correlation between the two. They elders have 'crowns' and are sat on 'thrones', which may suggest a royal disposition. Cases against a 'kingly' identification The author expressly describes the men as elders and not kings, and ...


The 24 elders (πρεσβυτερους) are misidentified as 24 kings (βασιλεύς) because of a misunderstanding of what an "elder" is in a semitic society, that leads people to think that these 24 elders are actually kings. What I have repeatedly pointed out (to a chorus of downvotes) is that elders are representatives of the tribes of the People, not kings over them. ...

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