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Even when words have meanings that span semantic ranges in other languages (such as how both Hebrew and Greek use the same words for wife and woman), context is key to understanding the meaning. In fact, words rarely map one-to-one across languages. This is why mechanical translations don't work for the final copy. Take Jesus' words for example: But I ...


Ektroma can denote a healthy child whose mother died in childbirth. So she will have no more children. This way Paul expresses that he is not just the latest (hustatos), but rather the very last (eskhatos panton) man to which Christ appeared before his return from heaven. Also to be noticed here is the word hosperei, meaning "as, so to speak, ..."


This does not seem plausible given the assumptions in the theory. It appears that the Corinthians were quite eager to vindicate themselves. This theory appears to be making the assumption that the letter(s) of 2 Corinthians is/are largely in response to 1 Corinthians (which is a possibility). A few observations 1 Corinthians isn't actually the first ...


I am thinking outside the box. In 1 Corinthians 11:23ff, Paul refers to something he delivered to the Corinthians which he had previously received. He then tells the story of the Lord's Supper on the night on which Christ was betrayed. Comparing the vocabulary of the story as Paul recounts it with the Synoptic versions, I notice that only Luke's telling ...

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