The Hebrew Bible (Biblia Hebraica) refers to the Jewish Tanakh and/or Christian Old Testament texts. Questions about specific texts should only be tagged with the name of the text. This tag is reserved for questions related to a collection of texts within the Hebrew Bible rather than only one ...

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Hermeneutically, how do we reconcile Jesus' teaching on loving our enemies and YHWH's telling Israel to destroy their enemies? [closed]

A variation of this question was asked a few days ago, and I can no longer find it. Having spent umpteen hours crafting an answer to the OP's question, I think it only fitting that I post his or her ...

How many people were killed by violence in the old testament? [closed]

Reading the Old Testament, there a many instances where tens of thousands of people are killed at a time in battles, worshiping other Gods, etc. How many people in total were killed in the Old ...