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Heinrich Graetz wrote a commentary to Ecclesiastes in German in 1871 (viewable here) which is quoted relatively widely among modern scholars. I would like to read it (especially the Introduction) in English if there is an available translation. Is there such a translation and is it available for viewing or purchase online?

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Your link is behind a login. Here's an alternative source. The short answer to your question is "No".1

1 If I am wrong, the person on the planet who will know is Stuart Weeks. See his very recent paper on the interpretation of Qohelet (unpublished). His contact details are on his staff page, and if you sent him a short, polite request on Graetz, he might have something to offer.

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Thanks David. I sent Stuart Weeks an email, so I'll see if he knows of anything. – jake Jan 14 '14 at 0:05

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