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How many extant manuscripts of 2 Peter are there? I have searched online but I can't seem to find that information.

Please cite your source.

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From Wikipedia, the Papyri containing 2 Peter are:

  1. P72 (circa 300, also contains 1 Peter, Jude, and several apocryphal writings)
  2. P74 (circa 650, missing chapter 1, also contains Acts, 1 Peter, and 1-3 John)

The Uncials containing 2 Peter are

  • 4th century: א, B
  • 5th century: A, 048.
  • 6th century: 0156 (Chapter 3), 0247 (Chapter 1)
  • 7th century: 0209
  • 9th century: P^apr, 049.
  • 10th century: 042.

The Minuscules containing 2 Peter and dating before 1000 CE are:

  • 9th century: 33, 876, 1424
  • 10th century: 454, 456, 457, 602, 605, 619, 626, 627, 832, 920, 1739, 1834.

Those manuscripts contain all or most of the Catholic Epistles, but for some of those manuscripts it may be that 2 Peter or parts of it were missing. For Minuscules information at that level of detail isn't readily available.

The number of later minuscules containing 2 Peter from the same lists is roughly between 200 and 300.

To summarize the total number of Greek manuscripts by century are:

  • 4th century: 3
  • 5th century: 2
  • 6th century: two partials
  • 7th century: 2
  • 8th century: None
  • 9th century: 5
  • 10th century: 13
  • 11th century - 17th century: Between 200 and 300 total.
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