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In Genesis we learn that Judah's sons Er and Onan died, and both of them were married to Tamar. Because of their deaths (and involvement with the same woman, Tamar), Judah thinks that Tamar has something to do with them dying, and so refuses to give Shelah (his other son) to her as a husband.
So, Tamar disguises as a prostitute and conceives by Judah.

Does Tamar marry someone else after conceiving from Judah?
Does she eventually marry Judah's son, Shelah?

Because Numbers 26:20 mentions descendants of Shelah, Judah's son, so this makes me wonder if he did eventually marry Tamar, since usually a deceased man who was childless would have his brother marry his wife to carry on the family line, as Onan did after Er died.

Even though the family line was carried on by Tamar conceiving from Judah, does this still suggest that Shelah married Tamar?

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Kindly click here for an answer. – Joseph Aug 31 '13 at 20:53

The Bible does not mention his wife, only that he had children.

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