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To be a valid sacrifice, Jesus Christ's blood must be on Mercy Seat as sacrifice. His ultimate mission as a perfect man is "To anoint the Most Holy". In Matthew verses in the Holy Bible, its mentioned, There was darkness. The ground shook and rocks were rent, Roman Centurion pierced His side with his spear to make sure He is dead, water and blood platelets flowed down through His feet down the cracked ground past the cross hole, about 20 feet below is the Mercy Seat. He dripped His own blood on the west side of the Mercy Seat. Then He cried out "It is finished"! Then the curtain in the Temple was cut from top to bottom and the animal about to be killed was freed. Why is this info not well known yet? Not one here have mentioned how He anointed the Most Holy thereby fulfilling His last mission while still in flesh? Did anyone know yet that His long dead blood yielded a Chromosome count when it was examined in a laboratory in Jerusalem?

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