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I'm curous of the topic because of the chiastic structure proposals made by many bible scholars. They indicate central pivotal point of the Revelation is somewhere around the 12th chapter.

Other thing that stroke me recently was that number 1260 (half of the perfection) is mentioned on Rev 12:6. Could this be the actual middle point of the manuscript? Are there other similar occurences that indicate intentional mathematical structuring of the text? For example number 144000 becomes close, because it is talked on Rev. 14:1-4 (the first time in the 7th chapter).

Since chapter/verse numbering was established around 500AC in form of byzantine kephalaia and evolved gradually to the current one, main question of the topic arose. Did people/person, who was responsible for structuring, take in account the possible intentional structure, or what was the leading idea on numbering?

Of course if we take strictly that 12:6 is the middle, then there should be 25:2 chapters/verses on Revelation for perfection! And this is far from current numbering.

While these kind of theories are perfect to advocate number mysticism, IMO systematic structuring of the text serves to recall and remember parts of the holy text for liturgies, debates and self study as well as keeping the oral tradition alive.

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