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Genesis 20:13 (ESV)

And when God caused me to wander


ויהי כאשר התעו אתי אלהימ

Another question asked about the translation of אלהימ (‘elohim) using the singular God. The answers indicated that this is appropriate because adjectives and verbs attached to it are generally singular. However, when a plural verb is used, the answers indicated that a group of gods should be understood. In the verse above, אלהימ (‘elohim) is used with a plural verb.

This question has a bunch of subquestions:

  1. Is “gods” instead of “God” a possible translation?
  2. Is there anything in the text that suggest that singular God is the right translation?
  3. Is it possible that Abraham recognizes the existence of many gods, namely Abimelech's gods?
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Jim, I think this is an interesting question and would like to see it answered. I have submitted for review some edits that I hope will make it more likely to be answered. (Although you may disagree, I suspect there’s more of an answer than “the translations are all wrong.”) If my edits are approved, please take a look and feel free to roll back anything that doesn’t reflect your intended question. –  Susan Jun 28 at 13:28

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